About us

Alliance for Environment was founded on the 20th of February 2004. It is registered in the Sofia City Court Register (Decision No1 from 13.04.2004) as a non-government non-profit making organization in public benefit.

Members of the management board are: Arch. Ionka Marinova executive director, Arch-Eng. Stefan Daskalov chairman and Eng. Ognjan Dikov member

Main aims of the organization:

  • Saving national identity, natural and cultural assets and heritage, networking as input for the European diversity;
  • Supporting the improvement of the quality of the environment and environmental protection on national, regional and international level;
  • Enhancement of effective national and regional environmental policy;
  • Dissemination of ecologic knowledge and implementation of the best experience in protecting the environment;
  • Public awareness rising on environmental issues;
  • Supporting enterprises, organizations, local authorities and other users in introducing environmental managing and auditing systems, in quality management and safe and healthy labour conditions, in risk management and prevention;
  • Carrying out and putting into practice multidisciplinary and applied science developments and research in the field of environmental protection, risk (natural and anthropogenic) management and prevention, sustainable development (incl. sustainable urban development) for contributing to the integrated process of management of society, economics and environment.

Charter of non-profit organization in public benefit "Alliance for Environment"

Brief history and first steps towards the establishment of the organization:

In August 2003 Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration Ecoregions (ASDE) in co-operation with the Ministry of environment, Hessen, Germany started an initiative for harmonization of the Bulgarian economics with the European and international standards, incl. environmental one, for increasing its competitiveness.

In November 2003 in the city of Wiesbaden was held a bilateral meeting between representatives from ASDE, the Bulgarian Ministry for Environment and Waters, Ministry of Economics and the Bulgarian Agency for Accreditation and their colleagues from the Ministry of environment, Hessen and Alliance for Environment Hessen.

In March 2004 in Sofia was held the second workshop and as a result from it the Bulgarian Alliance for Environment was established.

In 2005 Alliance for Environment and ASDE successfully realized a project financed by the Programme for management of environmental protection activities "Environmental management systems in the municipalities and integrated system for environmental management, quality and safety of the work environment in the medium and small sized enterprises".

Since 2006 the organization is a member of the permanent bilateral commissions Bulgaria-Bavaria and Bulgaria-Baden Wuerttemberg and is supporting the inter ministerial working group under the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria in the implementation of its various joint activities and projects with both Federal provinces.

In 2007 the field of work and expertise of the organization was broaden and involved also research and applied science work through the participation of the Alliance in several projects related to natural risks management, GMES programme and different EU Directives such as INSPIRE and the EU Flood Directive, implemented on national and international level.

Since 2007 up to 2013 the President of the Alliance was one of the National Contact Points for Bulgaria of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development Theme 6: Environment (including Climate change): http://cordis.europa.eu.
Since 2010 the President of the organization is acting as an Administrative manager of the newly established Bulgarian Information Office for GMES (BIOG). More information could be found at: http://www.gmes-bg.org.